Delhi-NCR is a force impossible to stop – Infrastructure gets a major boost

Delhi, the national capital of our great country and the surrounding national capital region are a force impossible to stop. Delhi-NCR is the undisputed heart of the country and is growing at a fiery rapid pace. In a matter of just a few years, NCR will be able to compete with its international counterparts. India’s dream of playing host to the all important Olympic Games will be realized very soon for sure as well. Therefore it isn’t surprising at all when millions of people flock to live in NCR on a yearly basis.noida infrastructure boost

State of the art medical, employment and entertainment facilities go a long way in attracting people towards the juggernaut known as NCR. Its class apart physical and infrastructure is getting better by the minute. Government authorities are working day and night to raise the bar and will not rest till the goal is achieved.

For instance, the Aam Aadmi Party announced a couple of days back that it will live upto its poll promise by extending lightning fast Wi-Fi services across a staggering 1000 plus locations in Delhi on or before February 2016. The government is also considering extending these Wi-Fi services across the fleet of thousands of buses. The aim of this facility is to make internet accessible to all and make Delhi a digital city. If people are connected to internet then they can access information on the go. Thus the dream of a Digital India will kick start from its capital city.

In another move, the lack of public transport services in the millennium city of Gurgaon might soon be a thing of the past. The local authorities hope and aim to launch a state of the art bus service very soon. Gurgaon has lacked a proper bus service for long and has thus given a time to thousands of hapless commuters on a daily basis. But launch of a bus service will solve that issue for good.

The authority is all set to establish a special purpose vehicle to prepare a detailed blueprint for the launch of these services. The SPV will determine the bus services’ route map, fares and the number of buses to be used. The residents of Gurgaon have their fingers crossed for a timely launch of the service. But bus service is not the only thing Gurgaon will be at the receiving end of.

The recent mandate forwarded to the recently formed committee is that they should have a word with the general public, experts and party volunteers and extend suggestions to the government officials regarding policy formation and which methods should be adopted for rapid and quality development of the state The city administration of Gurgaon, also, is hoping that this much awaited strategy will yield the desired result and streamline the traffic and transport situation in the millennium city

All in all, NCR is the place to be. It is well on its way towards becoming the face of India and rightly so.

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