Noida gets a state of the art 3 level crossing

Noida is the place to be at. Ask any of the thousands of people who commute to Noida for their employment, entertainment and education needs that how extraordinary Noida actually is. But the biggest USP of Noida is the fact that it is a city which is rapidly evolving on a daily basis. Things are getting streamlined and better with every passing minute. For instance, in a first of its kind move, Noida is all set to be at the receiving end of a state of the art 3 level crossing.

A metro track, an elevated road and an underpass will be strategically developed, one over the other. This game changing initiative is an attempt to decongest undoubtedly Noida’s most busy crossing ever. Sector 71, 51, 72 and 52 meet at this all important crossing. So say goodbye to traffic nightmares very soon, as crawling at a fiercely slow ace at this crossing will soon become a thing of the past.

The project is estimated to cost the concerned authorities a whopping 110 crores. The designs and blueprints of this highly anticipated project has already been approved by DMRC – Delhi metro rail corporation and the vibrant Noida Authority. As the next logical step, Noida authority is all set to initiate the tender process for the project. Once the 3 level crossing is in place and operational, the elevated road and the underpass will together streamline traffic and thus reduce the burden along the mighty busy Master Plan-3 road along with ensuring a completely signal-free movement of commuters towards Greater Noida NH-24, Delhi and Ghaziabad.

While this new underpass will seamlessly connect sectors 71 and 52 with sectors 72 and 51, the outstanding elevated road will effortlessly bring closer sectors 51, 52 with sectors 71, 72 of Noida. The crucial underpass will be 800m-long and 4 laned, while the elevated road will be 900m long and 6 laned. With immensely busy Sector 71 as the beginning point for the proposed 28 KM Greater Noida- Noida Metro rail track and a gigantic multi level parking facility with in house retail shops in its extremely close vicinity, the fast emerging area is rightly expected to witness heavy and intense vehicular flow as well as pedestrian density.

The proposed 3 metro tracks, that is, City centre to greater Noida west, sector 71 to greater Noida and city centre to sector 62 will effortlessly and strategically run in 3 different directions. A 3 level crossing was the only solution possible for the situation that was arising. Therefore DMRC has already given its go ahead for the project and a proposal has been submitted to IIT Delhi for further vetting and approvals. The 3 tier crossing is all set to change the landscape of Noida for the way better.

This is just one of the projects which will improve Noida even further. A plethora of projects worth a staggering 7000 crores will make Noida the undisputed face of NCR. So explore the modern day marvel known as Noida immediately.

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