Mall of Noida Food Court: A Newly Opened Paradise

As a brand-new upgrade, Mall of Noida’s current project will include a never-before-seen premium food court with dine-in and takeaway options. You can not only enjoy shopping with your loved ones, but it has also become more exciting because you can choose from a variety of options in a beautifully designed food court. Because of the expected high foot traffic, the manufacturers have also included a food court where you can enjoy every food with your loved ones. In addition, you can unwind after a long day of shopping at the mall by celebrating special occasions with the best cuisines and meals.

However, apart from being a driving factor of foot traffic, food courts are now an essential, if not separate, retail classification. They have surfaced as one of the significant and reliable sources of revenue for malls in recent years. Food courts contribute nearly 8-10% of total mall revenue on average, while in the case of malls with excellent food court offerings, this figure can reach 15%. This is why Mall of Noida food court Yamuna Expressway builders considered introducing a never-before-seen food court that will not only increase footfall but also serve as an attraction for shoppers and investors.

Advantage of the new food court on MON

Food courts in retail stores are culinary destinations for both shopaholics and foodies.  Malls can no longer be considered shopping malls unless and until they don’t have food court destinations, with a plethora of retail shopping outlets. Shopping malls have evolved into community hubs, providing exceptional experiences to consumers, as a result of globalization and a well-traveled consumer. The Mall of Noida food court, sector 98 is an ideal blend of shopping, fine dining, and entertainment. It is a 25,000 square meter combined development with a 6 lac square feet mall that includes an exclusive shopping and entertainment area and now a newly launched food court to suffice your hunger pangs, along with a 6-screen Multiplex, a 5-star deluxe hotel, corporate offices, and serviced apartments, this food court has also made a significant place in the mega shopping retail space.

Food courts are a rapid, relatively inexpensive, and convenient method for picking up a quick snack or meal and getting back to shopping. Customers can easily find it all in one place and sample things, which is why the MON Food Court is designed in such a way that it can benefit all investors, shoppers, and builders. Furthermore, it will surely help to increase footfall because customers can now walk up to the counter and pick up their meals which will make them enjoy a relaxed shopping day.


Food courts will be an intriguing segment where interesting activities can be noticed as mall culture continues to hold the country and the mall business becomes more developed. With more professional builders entering the food court biz and mall developers joining the food court industry in the upcoming years, the classification will have a lot to watch out for, and it will be fascinating to observe the new varieties of food outlets that will be launched in Mall of Noida in the coming times.

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