Mall of Noida Making extravagance accessible in one place

The Mall of Noida depicts the refined tastes of today’s well-heeled, well-traveled Indians. It is intended to be the best mall of Noida commercial projects Noida 98 sector, was created to satiate New India’s towering aspirations. It is an elevated retail, dining, entertainment, and amusement hub. The Mall of Noida provides the ideal combination of shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreational facilities. It is located in a prime location right on the Noida Expressway and will mansion the finest products under one roof. At the Mall of Noida, one will find solutions to all their modern-day needs.

It is a one-stop destination for clients who want to be accommodated to for both everyday and lifestyle needs. At this mall, one will find solutions to all of their specific requirements. The Mall of Noida Investment is set to offer everything from luxury salons to home stores with unparalleled aesthetics. In addition to many foreign brands, this mall will house many homegrown labels suitable for urban consumers.

Why the Mall of Noida?

It serves as a one-stop shop for customers who need services for both everyday and lifestyle needs. At the Mall of Noida Premium Project one will seek answers to all of the changing needs of society. The Mall of Noida is set to be a retail paradise, with everything from deluxe salons to home shops with incomparable aesthetics.

The Mall of Noida is a tribute to the discerning consumer and in a way, Sikka has made a difference in all business areas, particularly the real estate sector. Sikka has worked on a number of Real Estate Projects including cresting retail space facilities like the Mall of Noida within and around India’s NCR region over the decades. Sikka has established a solid public image for excellence and value for money. The group’s endeavors and projects have had a significant impact on the industry, and we are now being recognized for our extremely ambitious and inventive developments.

Location Benefits

Retail space Noida Expressway is the most convenient location- 5 minutes from DND, 40 minutes from the airport 25 minutes from IGI Airport 2 minutes drive from the upcoming Noida International Airport, 10 minutes- drive from Atta Market (Sector 18 Noida), 20 minutes drive from Akshardham Temple, and 15 minutes drive from Central Noida

Highlights of the Project

The Mall of Noida is a blended development that spans 25,000 square meters and includes a 6 lac square foot mall with a unique entertainment and shopping area, a 6-screen Multiplex, a 5-star stay deluxe hotel, corporate offices, and serviced apartments.

  • It’s the best Catchment Area with the Most Connectivity
  • Prime Spot on the Noida Expressway – 5 Minutes to DND
  • Under One Roof: Premium Retail, Office, and Multiplex
  • Under One Roof: Premium Retail, Office, and Multiplex
  • Elegant Entrance Lobby with a Luxury Ambience
  • Smart purchasing experience
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Investment that is risk-free
  • Multi-level connectivity
  • Elegant Entrance Lobby with a Luxury Ambience
  • Parking is plentiful
  • Extravagant necessities
  • Luxurious amenities
  • The best catchment area with the most footfall
  • Food & Entertainment
  • Investment that is risk-free

The advantages of the office Space Noida 98 expressway are extremely appealing, and you will undoubtedly be enticed to invest in it in order to add security and luxury to your future. Madhyam was committed to making you wealthy in the right way, which is why it is recommended that you inspect the property before making a decision. Because of Noida’s rapid population and size growth, a slew of malls sprouted up to meet the city’s shopping and entertainment needs in order to ensure that there is something for everyone in Noida’s shopping malls.

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