A perfect guide to invest in Grandslam i-thum

The brand new commercial space of Noida, Grandslam i-thum has a lot of unique features in it which are unlikely to find anywhere else. Before quoting those features that will definitely gasp your breath, it’s worth enough that one should know the reckoned force behind i-thum Noida. It is none other than the famous Grandslam group. The name is enough to portray their emphatic stardom in the construction arena of Delhi-NCR.

Now for those new investors, who have recently footed in real estate of Delhi-NCR with the dream to enhance their investor portfolio, let me tie the notion with one of Grandslam’s world class ventures, Grandslam Corenthum. After launching this venture which changed the whole existing concept about commercial spaces in Noida, the group is now back with the new Grandslam i-thum, just adjacent to Corenthum itself.

In the most modern and unique office spaces of Grandslam i-thum, one is unlikely to cope with stress and tensions which are the common traits of an urban work space. Thanks to the most innovative layout of i-thum that dynamically connect all the occupants in the primary, secondary and tertiary levels to attain harmony with the office space.

ithum noida

Day by day new building concepts are evolving for commercial properties and Grandslam i-thum holds the most updated and a revolutionary one. The building concept will lubricate the working ambiance and its behaviour to the occupants in a fresh way. Each workstation is crafted to attain ideal delineation activity plans for the knowledgeable worker inside. Executive chambers and conference halls will accompany perfectly to your plan and attain the intended results.

ithum Noida has a central atrium with meeting facility, proper access to the central club, concierge facility, ventilations that work exceptionally well in trapping natural light and utilizing it well, top notch interiors, private patios/balcony in special suits and flawless maintenance. Now, one can feel rightly justified about why Grandslam i-thum is quoted as a revolutionary office space.

Even then, I have reserved the major highlight, the gasping USP’s of Grandslam i-thum to be quoted in the last. They comprises the newest in the landscape urbanism, Geomancy concept, a helipad, state of the art communication and elegantly fit lobbies, beautiful cascade fountains and a warm greeting note at the entrance by the splendid hanging aluminum canopies.

So far so great, isn’t it? But rather than going gaga after knowing such great features and amenities, the smartest of investors now wait for the ultimate turnaround in real estate investments – the location. I intentionally wanted to mention about sector 62 towards the end.

Over the years, this notable sector in Noida, where Grandslam I-thum will unroll majestically, has witnessed a laudable infrastructure growth with IT firms, hospitals, food chains, educational institutions, MNC’s and many more. Occupants are right under the spotlight of oceanic developments in Noida at ithum. Finally, when the metro station was proposed in sector 62, the location has transformed as a highly gainful location for real estate investments.

If you are planning a dream investment in Noida, don’t let this opportunity to pass by. Go for it now and let Grandslam i-thum be your life changer investment.

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