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Lockable Retail Shops

Sikka Mall of Noida Lockable Shop in Sector 98 presents an attractive investment opportunity in the dynamic city of Noida. This commercial property boasts a range of advantages, investment benefits, and promising future prospects. In this overview, we will explore the notable features and potential advantages of Sikka Mall of Noida Lockable Shop in Sector 98.


  • Strategic Location: Situated in Sector 98, Noida, the mall benefits from a strategic and well-connected location. Its presence in a rapidly developing area ensures maximum visibility and attracts a steady flow of potential customers.
  • Vibrant Commercial Hub: Sector 98 serves as a vibrant commercial hub with a growing population, corporate offices, residential complexes, and educational institutions. This dynamic environment creates favourable conditions, ensuring a consistent customer base for the mall's shops.
  • Diverse Retail Opportunities: The lockable shops within Sikka Mall of Noida offer a wide range of retail opportunities. Investors have the flexibility to choose from various shop sizes and configurations, allowing customization to suit different business requirements. This diversity attracts a variety of retailers, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

Investment Benefits

  • High Return Potential: Noida's robust economy and rapid expansion make it an ideal location for commercial investments. The Sikka Mall of Noida Lockable Shop in Sector 98 holds significant potential for high returns, as the demand for retail space is expected to grow alongside the city's development.
  • Steady Rental Income: Investors in lockable shops can benefit from a reliable stream of rental income. The mall's well-designed layout and strategic location are likely to attract reputable brands and businesses, ensuring a steady flow of rental revenue over time.
  • Capital Appreciation: As the surrounding area continues to develop, and the mall establishes itself as a prominent commercial centre, the value of the lockable shops is expected to appreciate. This presents investors with an opportunity for capital appreciation, further augmenting overall returns.

Future Perks

  • Expansion and Growth Opportunities: Sikka Mall of Noida has planned expansions and growth strategies that can bring additional benefits to investors in lockable shops. As the mall expands, it will attract more visitors and businesses, resulting in increased footfall and creating new avenues for growth and profitability.
  • Enhanced Facilities and Amenities: Mall management is committed to continuously enhancing facilities and amenities to deliver an enjoyable shopping experience. These ongoing improvements will contribute to the overall appeal of the mall and positively impact the business prospects of the lockable shops.
  • Anticipated Increase in Footfall: With the ongoing development and population growth in the surrounding areas, an increase in footfall at Sikka Mall of Noida is anticipated. This presents an excellent opportunity for lockable shop owners to tap into a larger customer base and expand their businesses.
Price Range
45 Lakh*
Sector 98, Noida
By 2023
Rera No.
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Lockable Retail Shopsfloor plan
Lockable Retail Shopsfloor plan
Lockable Retail Shopsfloor plan
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