What Does A “Smart City” Actually Mean?

wave executive floors ghaziabadWhat do you imagine when someone says the word Smart City? Looking at the bookish definition, a smart city is basically a designation given to a city that incorporates information and communication technologies also known as ICT to enhance both quality & performance of urban services like energy, transportation, utilities and more in order to reduce wastage, resource consumption and overall costs. But that’s what the definition says, to make it simpler to understand try looking at it from a layman’s perspective.

What according to you would be an ideal living place? A place where there is no traffic, with 24/7 security along with schools, hospitals and retail shops within close range. But not just that, other recreational facilities like theaters, gardens, gyms and malls should also be within the premises. What if I told you that this is actually it? The only thing left out is the infrastructure of the city. A smart city should not just have great homes but also have ample space for offices and other corporate hubs. To stand up to the expectation and aspirations of the citizens, urban planners ideally aim at developing an entire eco system that aims at fulfilling 4 major aspects of comprehensive development which are- physical, economic, social and institutional infrastructure.

This was the exact aim set by the Wave group when they came up with “Wave City”, to promote a city that provides core infrastructure and give a perfect quality of life to its citizens, to provide a clean and sustainable environment along with real time application of ‘Smart’ solutions. The builders have also given major attention to every minor detail within the projects. Wave Executive Floors is one of the many projects within the city that shows how much effort has been put into each project. Keeping the globally advanced architectural trends in mind, this gated community promises to ensure privacy, convenience and safety for you and your loved ones. Offering 2 & 3 BHK apartments the project also offers amenities like car/visitor parking, swimming pool, power backup clubhouse and much more. Wave Executive Floors Ghaziabad shows comprehensive development which is set to improve your current quality of life.

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