Greenery: A Rare Luxury in Urban Areas

aims green avenue greater noidaSince the beginning of time, greenery has been extremely essential for mankind. Open green fields have become much more essential in the current scenarios, where the unplanned urbanization is at its peak. Green spaces in these concrete jungles are as indispensable as lungs are for breathing as they help in the purification of the environment of the area. Wither it is pollution from untreated smoke from industries or from vehicles; we are responsible for introducing these hazardous gases into our atmosphere. Adding to the already miserable conditions, the industry also discharges thousands of liters of toxic untreated effluents into the river and its tributaries making both air and water of the city highly toxic, leading to many health complications.

Due to the constant increase in population, urbanization cannot be stopped and since land is a limited factor, it’s our responsibility to make sure that all human settlements are planned accordingly as mankind has already denuded billions of hectares of forests. There are no disadvantages of greenery, sure it might increase a few insects but they don’t pose as serious threats as the absence of greenery would.  Keeping this in mind Aims Group has come up with a new residential complex in Sector 4 of Greater Noida (West) called Aims Green Avenue that revolves around the idea of providing open green lands to the residents that should help in maintaining the environment of the area. This 7 acre group housing project offers 2/3 BHK apartment that is constructed around 70% of open greenery within the project itself. Trying to minimize their carbon footprint, the builders have made an initiative to adopt an eco-friendly way of life for their residents making Aims Green Avenue Greater Noida a healthier option for you, your family and the ecosystem.

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