Vastu Shastra To Bring Positive Breeze In Your Living Room

As they say, “Your home is an extension of your body and spirit”, so is your living room which is the heart of your home. To make your living room – a room to be filled with harmony, it has to be a Vastu compliant one which will eliminate the negative energy and enable the flow of positivity.

living room vastu tipsVastu is not only a traditional but also a scientific way of bringing happiness and prosperity to your home. It studies various factors like directions, lightning, color-schemes, different forms of energy and aims at striking a balance between them to bring harmonious energies to your living room.


According to Vastu, if your house faces west, the living room should be in the northwest direction. Whereas, if your house faces north or east, it is better to position the living room in the northeast direction.

Color Combinations

White is the colour for East as the ruling body is the Sun and blue is the colour for west as Saturn rules the direction. But if you don’t want to apply these shades you can go for soothing shades of white, blue, yellow and green. Never use red or black.

Furniture Arrangement

It is usually advised that heavy furniture should be placed towards the west and south walls but should not touch them. The furniture should be rectangular or square in shape. Avoid placing the seating furniture beneath the beam as it causes stress.


A Vastu-friendly living room decor can consist of positive and motivating paintings. Chandelier should be placed a little towards the west, not right in the centre. An aquarium can also be placed in the North, North-East or East direction.

Electrical Appliances

The North, the West or the East direction is suitable for placing air coolers and air conditioners. TV should never be placed in the north-east or south-west corner; rather it should be in the south-east corner. South-East, East and North are the correct directions to keep the telephone. Anything representing fire elements should be in the south-east direction.

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