Noida gets its own Cultural Center

The missing link required for the transition of the city of Noida into a state of the art and self-sufficient city has been an entertainment and cultural space around which its social life can seamlessly revolve, like the millennium city of Gurgaon’s Epicentre or the national capital of Delhi’s IHC- India Habitat Centre. But the much awaited change might soon turn into a reality.

A world class facility which will house a cultural centre is all set to give Noida a much needed facelift. The requisite land for the highly anticipated facility has already been set aside in the fast developing region. The mighty and in-power center government is gung ho about funding this ambitious and much needed project.

Since the twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida are the face of the state of Uttar Pradesh, the development and sustenance of the all important NGY region is being undertaken in a tech savvy and structured manner.

But that’s not all; a humungous Rs 29,000 crore has been allotted in this fiscal year’s state budget to provide a much needed boost to the power sector. As a result 24-hour uninterrupted power supply to all key urban areas by the month of October 2016 will be a reality soon enough.

Apart from the above, the mighty UP government has installed a skill development mission and close to a whopping 1.10 Lakh vibrant and young residents of the state have taken part in the helpful skill training sessions. State government of UP and the Noida authority are working hand in hand towards the noble cause of training more and more unskilled labours/workers.

While, the proposed and the much looked forward to Noida’s Habitat Centre project is rightly being expected to be the very first of its kind completely integrated entertainment, art display, exhibition and convention arena in Noida where academics, organizations and professionals will be able to interact and share ideas in a totally informal environment. While the funds required for building this project from a scratch will be generated and granted by the Center government, the vibrant and sprightly Noida Authority will provide the requisite land.

Noida, which has already established itself as a force to be reckoned with, is going from pillar to post at a fiery rapid pace. Noida is undoubtedly Uttar Pradesh’s most crucial city and is Delhi-NCRs most in demand job, education and realty hub. Now with development of its very own habitat Center, which till date was Noida’s only chink in its armour, is also going to be rectified. The people of Noida rightly have their fingers crossed for a timely and seamless execution of the habitat center in the city, because if it does so then the landscape of Noida will change for the better almost instantly.

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