Unlocking Investment Opportunities Top 10 Commercial Properties in Noida 2023

Noida is a shining example of the potential for investors in the constantly changing real estate market in 2023. This developing metropolis is seeing unheard-of growth, which makes it a desirable location for commercial real estate investments. The top 10 commercial properties in Noida for 2023 will be revealed in this article, each of which offers distinctive qualities and financial potential. Let’s investigate these possibilities that might influence your investment portfolio.

Artha Mart Noida Extension: Affordable Excellence

Situated in the vibrant streets of Noida, Artha Mart Noida Extension is an affordable commercial project developed by the Artha Mart Group. Spanning 2.5 million sqft, this project seamlessly integrates modern technology with a prime location. It caters to the needs of both families and individuals, thanks to its excellent connectivity and lush surroundings.

PKS Town Central: Elevating Lifestyle

PKS Town Central is the epitome of opulent life. This 4.5-acre property was created by the famous architect Hafeez Contractor. It boasts a 4-star hotel, a family entertainment centre, a 9-screen multiplex, and more. It offers a lifestyle unlike any other because luxury and space are combined there.

Golden I, Noida Extension: International Standards

Golden I in Noida Extension doesn’t compromise on quality. Spanning 25 acres, it offers commercial spaces that meet international standards. With a starting price of just 14 lakhs for a 4000 sqft plot, it presents an enticing investment opportunity.

NX One Noida Extension: A Commercial Masterpiece

NX One Noida Extension aims to become a commercial landmark. Spread across 25 acres, this project seamlessly blends the township environment with convenient access to Noida Extension’s secure community. With office spaces starting at 16 lakhs, it’s a promising investment opportunity.

Capital Avenue Noida: A Lucrative Investment

Capital Avenue Noida, located in the electronic city, is Masters Infra’s debut project. This expansive commercial venture offers premium food courts, commercial shops, office spaces, IT sectors, and more. With a projected 12% annual return, it’s an ideal destination for your hard-earned money.

Spectrum Metro Noida: Extravagance on Noida Expressway

Spectrum Metro on Noida Expressway redefines luxury in terms of layout design, security, and business connectivity. It offers hypermarkets, dedicated parking spaces, and high street premises. Located in sector 50, it exudes sheer extravagance and convenience.

Anthurium Sector 73 Noida: Innovative Office Spaces

Anthurium in Sector 73 Noida is a hub for innovative office spaces. Ranging from 241 sqft to 300 sqft, it incorporates cutting-edge technology for an enhanced work environment. Safety and connectivity are its hallmarks, making it an ideal choice for businesses.

Bhutani Alphathum Noida: Value-Packed Investment

Bhutani Alphathum in Sector 90 offers exceptional value in the commercial market. With the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool, Central Chilled Water Air Conditioning, and well-designed internal road networks, it’s a premium investment opportunity in Noida. Intelligent property options start from 11 lakhs.

Bhutani Grandthum: The Ultimate Business Hub

Bhutani Grandthum, located in the electronic city of Noida, is a unique blend of luxury, culinary delights, adventure, and more. Spanning 25 acres, it’s a dream destination for business owners. Office spaces start at 18 lakhs, promising excellent returns.

Bhutani City Center Sector-150: The Future of Commerce

Bhutani City Center in Sector-150 boasts an exceptional layout with wide frontage along the main road and proximity to Noida’s largest public park. It has the potential to become one of Noida’s most sought-after destinations. Prices start at 57 lakhs, presenting an incredible investment opportunity.


Noida’s commercial real estate market is flourishing, offering diverse investment opportunities in 2023. Whether you seek affordability, luxury, or innovation, Noida is the perfect match for your investment goals. Don’t miss the chance to be part of Noida’s real estate success story in the coming year. Start your journey to unlocking these investment opportunities today!

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