Madhyam rises and shines with Rise developers

It is no secret that the real estate arena of the entire nation has been in shambles for the good part of the past two years or so. Though things are improving at a fiercely rapid pace, supply still outstrips demand for residential living spaces by a long margin. As the industry is marred by over supply, new project launches have been put on the backburner by most. Realty developers and real estate consultants are having sleepless nights in an attempt to woo back the over cautious buyers into the market. But at a challenging time like this, Madhyam and Rise Developers have joined forces to achieve the unthinkable.

CSC_0170Under the guidance of Mr. Vaibhav Jain, who is an established authority in the field of architecture, Rise Developers has forged itself as a force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive real estate space of Delhi-NCR. While Madhyam has been on the block for over 9 years now and is undoubtedly NCRs most trusted and well renowned real estate consultants. So obviously when the two juggernauts join hand, magic is bound to happen.

Rise Developers game changing, Organic Homes, has taken the fast developing NH24 by storm. At a time when people are shying away from investing in real estate and especially from Ghaziabad, owing to their pre conceived notions about the location, Rise and Madhyam’s collaboration of epic proportion has led to Organic Homes being on the verge of completely selling out. Kudos to Rise Developers for introducing such a state of the art and cutting edge residential real estate project which people just couldn’t help but buy.

Infinity pool, personal elevator, rooftop clubhouse, fast growing location of NH24 and the unique concept of Organic architecture are just few of the features which have helped Rise Organic Homes to stand out of the crowd. Its highly competitive pricing has also ensured a value proposition for end users which they just couldn’t slip out of their grasp, while at the same time ensuring mighty return on investments for real estate investors. Organic Homes is therefore a name known to one and all. But credit should be given where it’s due. Rise Organic Homes wouldn’t have become a household name if it wasn’t for Madhyam.

The esteemed Directors of Madhyam realized what a great opportunity Rise Organic Homes is for both end users and investors alike and thus extended this never before seen opportunity to its esteemed customers. Madhyam made its clients realize what a marvelous living space Rise Organic Homes is, along with the location benefits of NH24 and the high return on investment prospects. As a result, hundreds of happy families have flocked and grabbed this tremendous deal and will very soon live in their dream home at Organic Homes. Rise Organic Homes is undoubtedly the epitome of the natural way of life.

Yesterday Organic Homes were officially launched in a glittery ceremony and it was a night which Ghaziabad will never ever forget. Celebrities like Shraddha Kapoor, Bruna Abdullah, Mandira Bedi and Shivani Kashyap graced the occasion and delivered tintilating performances. Vaibhav Jain acknowledged the unmatched contribution of Madhyam in making Organic Homes a success and even gifted Mr Anuj Dang, the guiding force of Madhyam, a world class Mercedes Benz. Together, Rise Developers and Madhyam are a force impossible to stop & will change the face of NCR as we know it.

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