Here’s How to Have a Well Organized Kitchen with Best Vastu Tips

kitchen vastu tipsVastu Shastra is a form of architecture conforming to the traditional norms according to the Hindu system. We all wish to design and manage our home according to these Vastu tips and kitchen is an integral part of any Indian household rather it is a source of your all day energy. Every person of the family has a unique and special bond with kitchen so it is very important to get all the positive and energetic vibes from there.

To ensure that your kitchen is enveloped in positive vibes it is very important to maintain a perfect balance between all the essential elements like fire, water, earth, sky and air. Check out some important steps which you need to check according to the vastu point of view.

  • As kitchen is considered place of fire you must keep your stove at fire direction which is, South-east and just in case if you cannot manage that direction then you can choose north-west direction.
  • Always keep in mind that while cooking, your face should be in east direction. This step will ensure positive energy. Try to keep all the heat producing appliances in south-east direction only.
  • According to Vastu, the washbasin and all the cooking appliances should never be kept together they should be placed parallel, as both fire and water are opposite elements.
  • Wash basin, Aqua guards, water pipes and kitchen drain should be in north-east direction.
  • Your Refrigerator should be placed in south-west direction to help you overcome obstacles in life. It will also ensure peaceful kitchen environment.
  • Storage of grains and other stocks should be in a south-west direction of the kitchen as it invites good luck and prosperity.
  • Avoid painting your kitchen black, rather use energetic and vibrant colors like yellow, rose, chocolate, green, brown or orange color.
  • The windows of the kitchen should face north, east or north-east direction.

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