Imperia Armada: A living resembling like residing on a ship

imperia armada yamuna expresswayImagine if you get a chance to live your whole life on a luxurious ship? Sounds like a dream, right! But not anymore, because Imperia developers have come up with a project that can truly elevate the living standards to that level where the resident will feel like living on a cruise. Ask us how?

The development is named as the Imperia Armada and resides at the corner of the Jaypee Sort’s city at the Yamuna Expressway. The design of this exotic innovation has gained its inspiration from the beauty of the luxury liner. Every minute and precise description of the design helmed in this project evokes the feeling where one feels like residing in an unforgettable ship. The sky bridges of the project caters the living beings here with a fantabulous view of Buddh International Circuit while the sunlit terrace gardens tend to obtain the best morning breeze which undoubtedly makes the life, a never ending joy.

Theme based living-

Imperia Armada Yamuna Expressway is offering a resort theme based living which keeps alive a landscape that will transports the being to a beach resort on an exotic platform that is possessed with swimming pools and beaches. The five exclusive resorts of the project are-

  1. Club Terra
  2. Club Aria
  3. Club Spazia
  4. Club Aqua
  5. Club Sol

Imperia Armada is nothing less than a dream coming alive like so alive that you just not feel it but live it. This is more than turning out as a good experience for the residents and an added mark in their life.


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