Greater Noida is the place to be at

The twin cities of Greater Noida and Noida have witnessed non-stop multifold growth for the better in the past few years. Noida is therefore a name very well known to every Indian without exception. Already established as a global medical, employment, educational and entertainment hub, Noida and Greater Noida’s infrastructure has improved significantly in recent times as well. The twins are fiercely improving by the minute and as a result coming on to the radar of investors and home seekers alike. Due to recent developments, Greater Noida is all set to become even better.

A much needed citizen’s charter is slated to come up at Greater Noida from 1st May onwards, on the lines of the charter in Noida. The charter is already being hailed as a game changer by many as it will include a list of services to be extended to the people of the city and the timeframe in which the work should be completed. The charter will put the resident’s of the city ahead of everything else and will thus help in bridging the long standing gap between people and the authorities.

The changes will be finalized in the next few days along with successful incorporation of the same in the charter. Once operational and applicable, if officials take more than the stipulated time to finish a project then actions will be taken against those particular officials. Each and every Noida Authority office will display the charter outside their office. The aim of the charter is to ensure that the administration becomes more effective, transparent, responsive and accountable for their actions or more importantly inactions. The residents of the city will thus gain immensely from faster services provided by the authorities.

In another major development, work on the proposed 28KM long Greater Noida-Noida metro rail network has commenced. Construction of a state of the art maintenance depot at Jaitpur has kicked off. This world class depot will be utilized for maintenance and servicing of metro coaches operational on this all important route. The cost of this centre is estimated at a staggering 80 crores. Tenders for this much awaited project were floated in March and the work on the same has already started which is a good sign of things to come.

This new metro facility will bring the twin cities closer to each other and to the other cities of NCR as well. The people of the city rightfully have their fingers crossed for a timely and seamless execution of the project.

Add to these a slew of various other initiatives taken by the authorities and you know that the future of these twin townships is extremely bright. In a blink of an eye, Greater Noida and Noida will become the place to be at. So if you are secretly hoping to make Greater Noida or Noida your home then there is no time like now. Explore the world of Greater Noida today and live the better life. Remember as Noida grows, you will grow along with it.

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