Wedding shopping will no longer bother you

Though marriages have many differences based on its diversity in tradition, cultural roots and religious beliefs, one thing in common for this once in a lifetime gala, despite of all diversities, is that it is well stocked with utmost glitter, cheer and colorfulness. Being the most important civic event in any individuals’ life, we want it to be a memorable one for a lifetime.

Soon Greater Noida West will host India’s first ever one stop wedding mall to perfectly guide you in cherishing your marriage with utmost pomp, show and color. Precisely located at Knowledge Park 5, this commercial destiny is baptized as Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall. This pinnacle shopping destiny will be delivering you truly sophisticated and captivating wedding apparels and services to perfectly compliment not only your bride and groom but also the families.

The first question that occupies our mind when we hear about marriage is about the dressing apparels. Indian wedding has deployed a lot of options in terms of dresses for both men and women and Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall provides all the options for you under a single roof. Bandhan Wedding Mall will cleanse your mind and help in choosing the ideal authentic wear for you. In its 1 Lakh square feet area, Bandhan Wedding Mall will incorporate two floors of unending universe of wedding accessories and services.

Stepping on to the ground floor after imbibing the beautiful facades, you can experience an ocean of elegant and classy pieces of bride and groom attires delivered from world class brands. This section will host unique collections which are specially designed for you to glow to the peak at the marriage function than you ever did. The moment you step onto this wonderful shopping destiny, you will feel like a newly coined prince and princess on your own.

bandhan wedding mall

The ground floor further features diamond and gold jewellery shops, without which your marriage will be devoid of its divine sparkle and grace. Imperia Bandhan will also showcase you make up saloons in its ground floor to make your overwhelming appearance for your marriage ceremony. The wedding mall which is accompanied by automatic escalators and glass elevators will make your time flawless and comfortable. These escalators will further take you to the first floor of Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall.

This floor is dedicated with services to make your marriage occasion proceed without any hindrances. You can find services wedding planners, travel agencies and astrology in this floor of Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall. Other key features for this wedding mall to comfort you are its traffic free walking rooms, interactive shop facades, clean environments and ample parking space. The top floor also incorporates well designed food courts with amazing floral displays, which serves you delicious refreshments between your shopping sprees.

Imperia Group has a massive 30 years of expertise in realty arena, with which they have literally unleashed one of its splendid creations by Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall. You can access this wedding mall easily as it shares its close vicinity to NH-24 and Noida Expressway. The Noida City Centre metro station will also lubricate your commutation as it falls in just 30 minutes from Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall. Thus Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall will be a unique experience for you in KP-5 in Greater Noida West.

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