Cycle Tracks and Green Belt soon in Noida

The twin cities of Greater Noida and Noida are all set to scale new heights pretty soon. With the foundation stone being already laid for infrastructural projects worth a staggering 7000 crores, Noida has successfully been ushered towards the next phase of development and growth. But the much needed infrastructural boost is not the only thing Noida was recipient of last week. Noida has successfully taken a giant leap towards getting forged into a state of the art and green city of the future.

Akhilesh Yadav, the esteemed CM of the state of UP, chalked out a much needed plan to forge the city of Noida into a cycle friendly and green region. A massive 50 KMs of dedicated corridors will be developed across the city to promote the nature friendly modes of transport. Foundation was also laid for a world class 2400 acre long green belt.

The designing of Blue prints of cycle tracks has been outsourced to a Dutch consultancy firm. The concerned authorities have been strictly directed to implement this highly anticipated project in a bid to keep Noida pollution free. Apart from Noida, Agra and Lucknow are also on the radar of Akhilesh Yadav, for being developed as green, cyclist’s friendly cities. The total estimated and proposed cost of morphing Noida’s cycle tracks is a humungous 49 crores.

During the initial first phase, cycle tracks will be built and sustained at Noida’s sector 62 and 44. These two, highly crucial cycle tracks will cost the government a whopping 19 crores. The proposed cycle tracks come as a massive relief to thousands of people who use cycle’s to cater to their travelling needs. It is no secret that Noida’s roads are not considered to be safe by any standards for cyclists but this move just might change this long standing perception. Thus the proposal to build cycle tracks, shelters, stands and cycle for hire services has been welcomed with open arms by all quarters without exception.

Akhilesh Yadav also proposed a game changing 2400 acre Green Park in the fast developing city. This never before seen green belt will help in restoring ecological balance in the city, will be developed as per highest international quality standards and will cost the state government approximately 132 crores. The park is already being hailed as the city’s ‘Green Lung’ and will witness a wide variety of plants and trees being planted. The park is all set to adore the region close to Noida’s Night Safari.

The city of Noida will never be the same, ever again but definitely for the better. All the difficulties and problems that have marred the city from developing into a force to be reckoned with are being ironed out one after the other. With this 7000 crore worth infrastructure stimulus, Noida will surely become the mightiest and most important part of NCR. The struggling realty arena of the region will get a boost as well. So all the people looking to buy their dream house or invest their hard earned money in Noida should not wait another minute. Noida is poised for both instant and long term growth. Noida is one city which you can never, ever ignore.

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