WTC Quad: A whole new lifestyle

WTC Quad ResidencesWe all know how much trouble we face to reach our workplace from our house and how much time is consumed during the traveling. We also believe that all of us want to cut that time and save it for any other productive activity. The question arises now, how is it possible, how about if our workplace would be just some steps away from our house. Isn’t it astonishing? To support this idea, WTC has launched a project, Quad Residences.

WTC Quad Residences is located at Techzone 1, Greater Noida; this residential project of WTC is erected and spread over 42 acres of land. The project is more than perfect for the office goers as they will save their time, which will result in more productivity. WTC Quad introduces 1 BHK yet luxurious apartments in the area of 570 sq ft unit area. The apartments are designed beautifully along with it has taken care of all the amenities and luxury.

WTC Quad has 384 apartments in the 4 buildings, each apartment is 2 sides opened and the corner ones are 3 sides opened. The location of the project brings up some advantages like, hospitals, medical centers, malls, shopping centers, restaurants, convenience stores, banks, ATMs and cafes. The project is the best option to invest in as they are offering an amazing deal which goes like, you will get Rs. 10,000 per month, post possession of the project, as of now to invest you have to 2 Lakh and the total affordable price of the project is INR 19.95 lakh.

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