WTC CBD: Where Your Investment Multiplies Many Folds

wtc cbd noidaWTC or World Trade Center needs no introduction. It has been offering the Fortune 500 companies of the world an exemplary platform to perform and expand businesses around the globe over the last 75 years and has also helped them mark their presence in the economies of over 88 countries.

With their land mark buildings in over 319 cities across the globe and the presence of the Fortune 500 companies, which, attracts a footfall of around 2.4 million, the chances of your business expansion are numerous. Clubbed with the facts that these fortune 500 companies already have their pre-booked space requirements in any of the upcoming WTC’s project around the world.

But why would the fortune 500 companies come to WTC? It’s simple, in today’s fast paced and competitive world, companies need the best of infrastructure, connectivity, market analysis, exposure to potential clients and markets and many more. WTC stands out to be the only name delivering all the amenities and facilities for the companies to expand and explore new markets.

World Trade Center – Central Business District.  CBD is the commercial and business centre of any city like WTC Noida CBD. There are many CBDs across the world that is the main business points of that particular region, generating the most businesses. CBDs are one of the main places where most of the businesses happen across the globe. Since WTC centers are considered to be the bringer of opportunities and prosperity of any particular location, most of the Global companies, established or startups, prefer WTC CBDs as the preferred address for their business operations.

With such demand for Global expansion and diversification of the companies, the need for more space arises in the market. This is where an opportunity to invest and multiply ones wealth also comes up. By investing into buying of such office or retail spaces, you unleash a great opportunity of getting rentals from these Global companies who are will to take up the space for their business purposes. What also makes these investments on returns different from any other commercial property investment is the fact that since these are Global companies have a certain standard and requirements from the office or retails spaces that they require. WTC is the brand name that provides them with those standards, amenities and facilities. Because of such demand and service offerings, the rentals are upto 30% higher than the local market offering. The brand name in itself attracts at least 13% higher occupancy as compared to any other commercial and retail space in the market. Thus making World Trade Center Noida CBD is the best investment option to multiply your wealth many folds.

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