World Square Mall: Rendering profits with assurance

If you are looking for a safest and the wisest investment in Ghaziabad, then it’s surely world square mall. The mall is centered at the T-point of Mohan Nagar and this aid to the major connectivity of the project. The project potentially defines that if your investment is going to be proved as the safest and the wisest step.

world square mall ghaziabad

Major USPs:

A globally acknowledged and significant Dutch multinational retail franchise, SPAR is the main source that defines the true abilities of World Square Mall. Apart from this retail chain, the mall has the potential to serve the high rate of footfall with dining, entertainment and shopping facilities.

To make sure that everything remains hand in hand, the mall has a built-up area of 6 lakh sq. Ft., out of this, 1 lakh sq. Ft. area is covered by SPAR. Also, world square mall has been already leased out 12% rate that makes sure that your investment is safe and has been done in the right place. The volume of profits that will be rendered with this mall, a true investor will not spend a single image of time before investing in WSM Ghaziabad.


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