Why Invest In Commercial Property?

Commercial Property:

commercial property noida

Commercial property refers to retail buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, or even a land that is expected to generate profits and even a rental income.

Property Investment can be referred to the investing in the property for return on investment, rental income, or to resale.

There are immense reasons to invest in commercial property, let’s go through some positive ones:

Potential Source of Income:

Commercial properties are a better option than residential in terms of earning potential. You can buy the residential properties to live in and you can resale it later but it cannot provide you what commercial property can. There is between 6% to 12% annual return off the purchase on a particular commercial property, however, it can be changed according to the location of the same, while the residential rentals are between 1% to 4% only.

Higher Rate of Interest (ROI)

Higher ROI means a safe investment as it will be a source of income for the investor. The right investment in the right commercial properties can surely get you a higher return on investment. The commercial properties which are near or during possession tend to get you higher rental value. The right location of the property is also such factor. Commercial properties normally give 9% to 12% rental profit, which is way better than residential property.

Great Resale Value

We all invest in property to earn profit and resale of the property is one such act. Commercial properties tend to develop their market value when there is an expansion in the project or development in the nearest area. This fact attracts the buyers because this is a major factor to gain profits.

Extended Lease Duration

The lease duration in commercial properties is generally for 3 years to 10 years. The reason for the same is that the tenants in commercial properties tend to stay for a longer period.

Anthurium Noida is one such commercial project which will let you take a privilege of all the things mentioned above. Anthurium is a new commercial project located in a prime location of Sector 73, Noida, offering office spaces and retail spaces. This will be the leading IT business hub in the area, which is the current best location of Noida. This area is smartly connected with major locations and the property is 3 sides open, which will help in decongestion as there will be parking on each side. Anthurium is also the Noida’s first green building with GRIHA certificate.

To know more about Anthurium Sector 73 Noida, contact us and book your commercial property now.

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