Suncity Anantam: Where Deities Reside & Spirituality Rise

Suncity Anantam VrindavanA place where peace and nature remain together to accompany you to lead a better lifestyle along with luxury and every necessary requirements, we all search for such kind of place to survive in this hustle-bustle life, right?

Suncity Projects has launched a project as perfect as we all want, Suncity Anantam. The project is located in the Vrindavan city, where the deities reside and spirituality rise, within everyone’s soul. Anantam offers plot with area of 117sq yards to 300sq yards or 97 sq m to 250 sq m in a beautiful location spread over 575 acres.

Suncity Anantam Vrindavan is rich in amenities, which work as icing on the cake and it includes, Shuttle services from Anantam to the temple, for better connectivity, Banks, Fire stations, Satsang/Yoga and community center, Post office, ATMs, Police Stations/Chowkies, energy-efficient solar powered LED street lights, effective drainage, sewage and waste disposal.

Some location advantages work as a great aspect of Suncity Anantam, which are adjacent to medical, educational, commercial and industrial facilities, commercial and industrial spaces for local shopping, an upcoming world’s tallest temple, office building and non-polluting industries.

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