Real Estate Market: Penthouses Demand is at peak

India is developing and growing at a fiercely rapid speed and so are its residents. The standard of living and disposable income of people have increased multifold. Thus the luxury residential spaces market has witnessed a gigantic boom in the past decade or so. One such phenomenon whose demand is at an all time peak is – Penthouses.

A tom, dick or harry certainly cannot afford to buy a penthouse. A penthouse is usually a state of the art, humungous apartment based on the top floor of a residential building and possesses luxurious features and amenities which are not available in other variants of apartments. A cutting edge penthouse makes a statement that you have finally arrived. People who have reached the pinnacle of their careers or have tasted massive success in some other way are increasingly giving preference to penthouses over every other type of homes.

Generally spread across a huge area of a minimum 2000 to 3000 sqft, penthouse extends a breath taking view of the city as it is based on the top floor of the building. Penthouses offer everything in a bigger and grander manner. Master bedrooms, floor to ceiling glass windows, rooftop garden and swimming pool, library, in house cinema hall and office spaces are amongst just a few of the features which separate penthouses from a normal home. Thus a penthouse can raise your confidence to a whole new level which you thought was not even possible. Penthouses are capable of distressing you in a jiffy no matter how terrible your day had been. Penthouses are in and are definitely here to stay.

The only catch with a penthouse is the fact that they obviously tend to be pricey. For instance, in metro cities like Mumbai Bangalore or a Delhi, the prices can range anywhere between a staggering 2 to 75 crores While in the case of any other non metro cities the price range will obviously be lower but higher when compared to a normal apartment in the same region. Thus deep pockets are a compulsion if the thought of buying a penthouse can even linger in your mind. But on the other hand, the resale value of such penthouses is top notch.

So if you are one of those lucky few individuals who want to buy a penthouse then go right ahead. Just be very sure of your exact requirements and needs before taking the leap of faith. Be extra careful and vigilant about your budget. Nothing makes a statement like a penthouse. A penthouse is to homes, what a Jaguar or a BMW is to cars. So contact your real estate consultant today to explore the niche and world class universe of penthouses today. Your life will never be the same again after this mammoth explosion of luxury in your life.

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