Mohali has now officially earned World Trade Center

After waiting for almost two months since the news has surfaced, the World Trade Center, Chandigarh has now been officially launched in Mohali, opening an ocean of opportunities to the real estate arena in Chandigarh. Time has reached to tranquilize all the debates and discussions on the predictions on the real estate of Chandigarh. It has now officially confirmed that it is inching for a significant real estate boom.

The WTC Chandigarh is being constructed in the heart location of Mohali, nearby the newly launched airport. It is partnered by an Indian real estate giant, Viridian Red Group and will be designed to achieve LEED CS Gold Certification. The global power brand World Trade Center Association (WTCA) holds immense potential that it is single handedly capable to tilt the real estate prospects in favour of the area it occupies.

The network of WTCA is huge, unique and unparalled across the globe. In case of India, WTCA has catered a win-win situation for both the investors and the trade facilitators over the years. Notably, over 20 World Trade Centre’s are hosted in our country, which is the fastest growing network of WTCA in any country.

WTC Chandigarh Aerocity is poised to become the most environmentally sustainable commercial project of its category and size. It will be composing office spaces, retail spaces, auditoriums, entertainment spaces, studio apartments, conference facilities and many more in its one million build up area. In a great advantage to the investors, WTC Chandigarh promises both leasing income and an assured return of 12 percent.

world trade center chandigarh

The presence of WTC Chandigarh will bolster more regional planned developments that are surfacing in the Mohali, Chandigarh. It will attract more MNC’s and foreign investments the region and act as a significant lubricant to the trade sector of India. By investing in WTC Chandigarh Aerocity, you are connecting your business network to the rest of the sphere and getting an opportunity to prosper locally.

World Trade Center Chandigarh is advantageously located in closest proximity to the new airport in Mohali and merely 5 minutes away from railway station. Aerocity road will enables WTC Chandigarh to rule out all the commutation agonies and also helps in accessing entire planned developments happening all across Chandigarh. The intuition of WTC Chandigarh in Mohali, Aerocity will bring it with a 45 year legacy of WTCA, that it will embed a historic chapter to the trade sector of India.

Many other planned developments are also proposed and flourishing in the location. In addition to France, the Nottingham City Council has also joined the race in developing Chandigarh as a Smart City. The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) has also come up with new road projects and widening of Expressways. Altogether, Chandigarh is shifting its gear for a greatest real estate dive ever. WTC Chandigarh Aerocity is the golden goose in real estate of Chandigarh.

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