Latest Working Trend: Co-Working Concept Is Here To Stay

ithum coworking spaceCo-working is a business services provision model that involves individual working independently or collaboratively in a shared office space. “Co-working space” is a formal concept in commercial real estate which has been in process for more than 15 years. In fact, this is the latest working practice done by most of the freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs working in community-center work spaces that have been recognized as co-workings.

More and more companies are now entering in this concept every day. The flexibility, better productivity and its easy appeal are the reason which has made this co-working concept first choice of people. This working concept offers flexibility with short terms lease options and desirable shared office amenities like internet, pantry, parking and much more which are considered to be the basic expenses of business and are the reasons which make a person step-back from his business choices.

Co-working is now a main stream, allowing maximum facilities to tenants and providing number of desk required by you for the time span you need even according to hours. Today this concept has redesigning work environments, bringing new and latest technologies, offering collaborative spaces and private breakout rooms or offices. It took a bit long to understand this work process in India but now this is one which people choose for themselves. You can definitely consider Coworking Spaces in Noida as an investment option.

If you are in search of any such co-working place for investment then you need to check out, ithum Regus co-working space located in most demanding place of NCR that is sector-62, Noida. These ready-to-move co-working spaces are pre-leased to Regus and all you need to do is investment of just 33.37 Lakh which assures guaranteed rental of Rs. 22,250 per month from day one with office space available from 250 sq. ft size onwards and this surely is an ideal project where you can invest and earn the best.

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