Imperia Bandhan Mall will frame the best picture of your wedding

It’s been famously quoted that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. So what happens here on earth is the sheer celebration for the serene bonding of two blessed souls. Every individual, despite of any ethnic group, wants to celebrate this sacred event in utmost delight and glamour. Now that Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall has been unfolded at KP-5 in Greater Noida West, NCR will be the ultimate venue for your delightful marriage ceremony to cherish at its crest.

Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall will showcase all the prerequisite amenities to color your everlasting, embellishing picture of your marriage perfectly, that you can cherish it throughout your lifetime. In its one lakh square feet area, Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall offers you an ocean of marriage apparels, utilities and services. This commercial venture is presented before you by the renowned realty developers Imperia Group, which has a mammoth 30 years of expertise in the real estate arena. The group certainly holds a great amount of credibility and stardom in the whole NCR. Claiming to be India’s first one stop wedding mall, their venture, Imperia Bandhan will incorporate two floors filled with all the facilities to make your marriage a grand success.

imperia bandhan wedding mall

In the ground floor of Imperia Bandhan, you can find splendid designer showrooms for brides and grooms from globally renowned faculties. To fulfill your dream attire for your marriage, the ground floor also features gold and diamond jewellery shops along with make-up saloons. Your marriage is not only for you and your family to glitter at the best, but also important to treat your guests in a flawless manner. It’s a matter of prestige for your family and Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall understands it at the very best. Stepping on to the first floor, Imperia Bandhan offers you services to celebrate the occasion in a perfect way. You will be provided with guidance from astrologers, travel agencies and wedding planners to celebrate the occasion in an organized and fashionable way. The mall also incorporates delicious food courts for you to have a chill out break between shopping. Further, it also comforts every moment of your shopping hunt with features like interactive shop facades, automatic escalators and traffic free walking room.

Now in case of location of Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall, KP-5 Greater Noida West is the best bet for you. Commutation is no more to get better for you than Imperia Bandhan as it has close proximity to NH-24 and Noida Expressway. Commutation will be also nurtured by Noida City Centre metro station, as it falls just 30 minutes away from your dream shopping destiny, Imperia Bandhan. In a great advantage, the mall also shares close proximity with South Delhi.

Marriage is bondage with your soul mate and to promise to lead a life by understanding and supporting each other, giving mutual respect, trust and promising on togetherness forever. Imperia Bandhan Wedding Mall at KP-5 Greater Noida will light up the dream stage for your wedding with all the blessings for your happy married life to commence!

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