Imperia Armada: Catering a Club Style Living

Have you ever wished for a living that resembles with that of a cruise ship?

Imperia Armada Yamuna Expressway

Well, you dreams have been turned into reality with the launch of Imperia Armada in Jaypee Sports City, Yamuna Expressway. This housing project is entitled to cater a life that is set on the sunbathed decks which is unwinded in pools and clubs. All this clubbed with the basic and needful elements of nature. The place at which this project is anchored reveals you to a habitat which will give an out of this world feeling. Imperia Armada also has the ability to cater its inhabitants with resort like theme making everything alive and real. No there are five kinds of clubs that are enlisted in this project and the description for the following is detailed below-

  • Club Terra: This clubs is subjected to hosts its people with the different elements of earth and all those things which it stands for.
  • Club Aria: This club has the ability to romance with you by including the force and beauty of air.
  • Club Spazia: This one is a tribute to all the elements of space and will provide you with the magic of same.
  • Club Aqua: As understood from the name, the club has the ability to serve its people with the dose and magic of life giving element, water.
  • Club Sol: Just a perfect resemblance to the sun, this club is the right place that can serve you with the touch and energy just like the sun.

It’s true and live from the above description that landscape at Imperia Armada Yamuna Expressway will surely take you on a ride for a beach resort just like you enjoy on an exotic tropical island. So, if a project like this is haring all the capabilities with ultra modern life then it’s completely impossible for you to neglect this project by not having a house here.


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