Gurgaon is the new investment hub for NRIs

The millennium city of Gurgaon is without any shadow of a doubt the most crucial and important part of the all important national capital region. It is the undisputed hub for investments as far as the IT, BPO and residential real estate is concerned. Commercial real estate is witnessing a gigantic boom as well. Google, Zomato, YouTube, Accenture, Dell, Samsung etc, are just few of the firms who have state of the art offices in the city. Thus individuals and corporates are flocking towards Gurgaon to invest their hard earned money.

But the category of realty investors who is taking Gurgaon’s real estate market by storm is NRIs that is non resident Indians. NRIs from a plethora of foreign countries like USA, Canada and Middle East are making a beeline to invest in Gurgaon and rightly so. Below are just few of the reasons which make Gurgaon the force that it is today.

Gurgaon is in extremely close vicinity to the national capital of Delhi. Usually international real estate investors prefer to park their money in cities which are located near the national capital of a country and NRIs are no different. Real estate market of Gurgaon is world famous for making millionaires out of thin air. Humungous return on investments is and will always be the biggest USP of Gurgaon. Thus a locality which offers close proximity to the national capital and immensely high ROI is bound to be a recipient to massive investment inflows.

Gurgaon extends an opportunity to investors to invest in state of the art, luxury homes. NRIs who want to buy luxury apartments or penthouses for their end use are also flocking towards Gurgaon and rightly so. Properties of such epic proportions cannot be found anywhere else in Delhi-NCR. Also these apartments are very close to the standard of living which is extended to NRIs outside our great country. So the rush to buy properties in Gurgaon is highly understandable. Add to this the great rental values which can be derived from leasing out these properties can become a source of regular income for NRIs. Therefore high rental value is another plus which attracts NRIs to Gurgaon.

Also a major chunk of NRIs have some connection or the other with Delhi-NCR. Many of them would have lived in NCR before, have relatives who stay here or have pursued their education/career in the national capital region. So for obvious reasons they love to come back for more. In what is another USP of NCR, the concerned government authorities have developed and maintained cutting edge infrastructure in the city. Wherever infrastructure keeps booming constantly, growth and price appreciation are bound to happen.

Thus wise, prudent and meticulous NRIs are investing in Gurgaon, and so should you. Explore the millennium city’s real estate market and watch your money grow by leaps and bounds.

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