Forests nearly cover a third of all land on earth, catering to some of the most vital organic infrastructure for some of the planets densest, most diverse collections of life. Forests pump out oxygen we need to survive, and absorbs the carbon dioxide we exhale. A single mature tree is estimated to produce a day’s supply of oxygen for two to ten people. They also tend to maintain the temperature in the area. Trees in urban areas help buildings to stay cool, reducing the need for electric fans or air conditioners. Aside from constantly regulating regional temperatures, they also help to muffle noise pollution as sound fades in forests, making trees a popular natural noise barrier. Just a few well-placed trees can cut background sound by 5 to 10 decibels, or about 50% as heard by human ears.

Godrej 43 Noida

Even just walking in the woods can offer health benefits which include stress relief, reduced blood pressure and a stronger immune system. The latter helps us to prompt our bodies to boost the natural killer (NK) cells that attack infections and guard against tumors. The natural beauty may be the most obvious and yet least tangible benefit a forest offers. The abstract blend of shade, greenery, activity and tranquility can yield concrete advantages for people. After putting great effort and thoughts in this concept, Godrej has now decided to come-up with a project which revolves around the same concept, trying to bring to you an urban forest experience. The project goes by the name Godrej 43, located in sector 43, Noida. The property has 80% of open green area with 1 acre dedicated for a central forest theme park which is built below the ground level, giving you and eagles eye perspective of the forest below. Godrej has hit right off the bat on this one, making it an ultra luxurious project in an iconic location.

The project offers so many amenities that it’s difficult to give justice to the project via an article. The developers have made a custom pathway within the forest which is connected to various amenities along the path which includes a meditation center, barbeque, family sit-out and 20+ such attractions, giving you the exact feel of strolling in a forest but with added luxury. Godrej 43 Noida is set to be one of the best projects in the industry and if you’re looking for a perfect luxurious life with a touch of nature, this is as close as you get.

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