Faridabad; A Potentially Profitable Investment Hub

Pebble Downtown FaridabadIn a country that’s as fast developing as ours, India has now emerged as one of the most fast paced and dynamic industry in the retail sector. With market rise estimated to 60% over the next ten years, now seems like the best time to invest in the sector. If you are looking to invest in National Capital Region (NCR), Faridabad seems to be the ideal location out there. Being the most popular and the largest city in Haryana, Faridabad has now become a hotspot for high-end market. It is ideal for an investment that promises you great earnings for your present as well as future.

Just besides a working metro station in sector 12 opposite to Bata Chowk, Downtown has a perfect location for your investment with 2 minutes drive from Town Park. This gives you the best connectivity there could be, which affects many other factors like crowd flow, security and convenience for both retailers as well as consumers. The location is also filled with few of the most demanding 3 & 5 star hotels like Radisson Blu and Ginger that makes highlighting the project easier.

Pebble Downtown project is a mixed-use retail and entertainment development that is designed to attract shoppers with high household income. Offering various beats of industries, the project is a one stop for all your needs.  Spread over more than 3.5 lakhs sq.ft. of area the project offers you limitless shopping, entertainment and recreation. With sectors like fashion that include brands like Peter England, Cobb Italy, Planet Fashion etc. and food delight brands like Haldiram’s, Punjabi Handi, Dominos, Karim’s and Synk Lounge & Bar; this place will be the center of attraction without a doubt.

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