Wegmans Signature Tower: All In One Land Project

Wegmans Signature Tower Greater NoidaThe economies in the developed world have transformed from agrarian and industrial economies through service and information to more “experience” economies, the roll of well-designed concentrated urban-mixed use project becomes increasingly important. Mixed use land projects have become more complex and vertical in nature.

Mixed-Use development can be broadly defined as any piece of property, be it a single building or a large community. Mixed use land combines residential, commercial, cultural and industrial usage. People who plan to live there can easily assess a wide range of amenities. There are many reasons that why people choose mixed-use land:

  • Stimulating more variety in the design of and options for single and multifamily housing;
  • Encouraging development within dense, more compact areas of land;
  • Reducing traffic and pollution by allowing residents to use their cars less;
  • Creating pedestrian-friendly environments thanks to the short distances between living, work, commercial and recreational destinations.

If you are looking for such a mixed-use land property that one of the best option available for you is Wegmans Signature Tower located in KP-3, Gr. Noida. Wegmans Signature Tower Greater Noida is a multi-purpose project which is spread across 10 acre of space which offers retail, commercial, office spaces with studio apartments in an eco-friendly green building, well equipped with size range of 495 and 740 Sq.ft and providing you all world class facilities which makes shopping, live, work and play an absolute pleasure. 2BHK housing space involves other daily necessities like Air-Conditioner, Refrigerators, designer fans and light and much more.

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