Navratri Festival 2015 is almost here
India is a country rich with culture, religion and traditions. Every week or two, Indians get the unmatched opportunity to celebrate a festival in style and rejoice along with their loved ones. India is also a case in point for
Swine Flu – Symptoms and Cure
H1N1 flu is called as Swine flu. It is known as swine flu because in the past people in direct contact with pigs were infected and more susceptible to the virus. But unfortunately the virus evolved and doesn’t need any
Affordable Housing takes a back seat in Budget
Affordable housing was the buzz word in the real estate sector in 2014. A major chunk of demand and supply generated in the sector last year belonged to the affordable housing segment. Some of the major cities of the nation
A roof for all by 2022
On a daily basis, crores of Indians sleep under the night’s sky, not by choice but by force. They obviously don’t own a house and can’t afford to rent one. For them having a roof over their head may seem
Celebrate Holi in style at these locations
India is a case in point for unity in diversity. India’s unique and diverse festival celebrations one of a kind in the entire world as well. The colourful festival of Holi is just around the corner and thus the fun