World Trade Center is a name that everyone is aware of, a brand that exists from decades, and the best investing option. Noida is a location which is suitable for commercial projects and the precise location of this project is
Rise Resort Residences Greater Noida
“Legends are not born, they are created,” true! Legends are created by hard work, zeal, and excellence just like this project. This is an ideal home for legends because this is not less than any legendary place. Rise Group is
Supertech Capetown Noida
Supertech, if we break this word in two then we will get ‘super’ and ‘tech’, that’s exactly what this project is. Capetown is a project of dreams, which is too good to be real but this one has turned into
Alphathum Noida
A unique project with unique a selling proposition in a prime location of the city, sounds like a plan? Bhutani Group is all set to create a history in the commercialization of Noida by delivering this magnificent project, which is
mox noida
MOX is short for Mobile Open Exchange. A zone that will be dedicated to a huge mobile industry located in Greater Noida. It will be comprised of a platform to mobile manufacturers and app developers. World Trade Center will be
WTC One Noida
Noida is the iconic destination for a project like WTC. World Trade Center is a renowned brand established in 1973, it has escalated their projects in 318 cities and 88 countries. WTC aims to provide the best and comprehensive ecosystem
Noida is a city where you can find, residential, industrial, and commercial hubs all over as it is the iconic destination. World Trade Center has launched another project in Noida because the location is worth it. WTC Noida CBD is