World Population Day urges to invest in teenage girls

world population dayWorld Population Day is observed all across the globe on July 11. The day was established by United Nations from 1989. It signals towards the necessity of family planning and poverty to curb the population explosion. The day arrives with a much timely and important theme this time– “invest in teenage girls”. Girls are being dropped out way before secondary education owing to several reasons like domesticity, safety, infrastructure, marriage according to our social customs. Even as we claim that technology and medical field has advanced, our women still suffers from pregnancy and child related issues which can be preventable. By the theme of the year, the idea is to take proactive measures to empower our teenage girls, provide freedom to choose their possession and income, bring equality and promise them to decide their own sexual, health and reproductive rights.

A Real Estate Perspective

Population is one of the most fundamental factors that have played and will play in determining the scope of real estate. Now as we celebrate the World Population Day on July 11, 2016 it is also the time to notice how demographics have being periodically influencing real estate sector.

Natural population growth: A relatively less affecting factor for real estate. By higher births and lower mortality rates, this process takes a long time to increase a land value.

‘Non-natural’ population growth: The immigration and migration factors that attract more people to choose stable economic lands are the most decisive factor for real estate boom.

Relatively lesser known satellite cities are booming as population is splurging, making the peripheral settlements to develop more across the country. Infrastructure is evenly distributed, connectivity, service sector, job openings are improving day by day, making real estate the all time best of investments.

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