Soon, get all details on Noida properties in click of a mouse

Transparency is needed in every business we perform, especially in real estate which always involve huge amount of cash flow. Noida Authority has put forward a bid to bring more transparency to real estate activities in Noida. The authority will soon make all the details about the properties in Noida available on their web portal. The online facility will be available by the end of April, according to the authorities.

noida property online

The program aims at bringing all details of properties like industrial, residential, commercial or institutional available in the portal. This has been a long pending demand of the allottees. The proposed project will save ample time for the allottees by avoiding numerous trips to the concerned authority officials and also can receive clear authentic information about the project within minutes.

With the proposed plan of Noida Authority, allottees can log on to the portal and access all details about their property like installments, lease rent, interests, water/ sewage charges etc. This is a win-win situation for both allottees and also Noida Authority. The officials can also retrieve the information related to properties by just a mouse click. The proposed plan will boost the confidence of the people and bring credibility & transparency to the real estate transactions in Noida.

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