Rs 5,000 Cr Targeted Revenue Says DLF

DLF targets Rs 5,000 crore worth revenue by the fiscal year 2022, solely by the sale of independent floors focused on two major areas, Gurugram and Panchkula. DLF plans on constructing around a total of 7 million sq ft area of these independent floors on its already existing plotted inventory. This an aim to upgrade existing inventory into functional independent floors is a smart move since this is sure to fill the gap from sales in this segment as monetization of this inventory is anticipated to be at a relatively faster pace.

According to the company, there is a plan on building up 3 million sq ft in DLF City, Gurugram whose sales are set to value around Rs 3,000 crore along with another 2 million sq ft in New Gurugram ( projected revenue of Rs 1,100 crore) and 2 million sq ft in Panchkula/Mullanpur (projected revenue of Rs 850 crore).

This decision of DLF is solely driven by looking at the ever rising demand of such luxury housing. Looking at the current market scenario, the company foresees a better sales grip in the independent floors segment. Alongside this, the company would also continue to focus on converting completed yet unsold housing stocks which is worth Rs 9,415 crore. Having what some would say a strong grip in the market, it seems to be an easy task for DLF to quickly sell off these unsold inventory specially after looking at the demand for such projects in the market.

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