Raksha Bandhan – Celebrate the bond of real love

The much awaited Raksha Bandhan is going to be celebrated all over the country tomorrow. The occasion is commemorated by sisters tying the sacred ‘Rakhi’ to brothers, who thereby pledge to protect her from all the perils of her life. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of Hindu month of Shravana.

On the morning of the day, the brother and sister after a serene bath will wear colourful dresses. After tying the knots the sister will offer prayers to the brother for his health, prosperity and happiness. The serene ritual will be sometimes accompanied by aarti (lights) along with the prayers and well wishes.

The sister will then mark a Tilak (tikka) to the forehead of the brother. The brother will then pledge to protect her sister throughout the life under any hardships. Finally both will exchange hugs, gifts, clothes, money or even something thoughtful which will mark the serene bond of the duo.

For all the lovely brothers and sisters, let’s stand together and celebrate Raksha Bandhan with at most peace and serenity.

Raksha Bandhan

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