Pokemon Go opens the new sales strategy for real estate

pokemon goThe recently launched location based augmented reality mobile game “Pokemon Go” has become a sensation across the world. The game has even managed itself to outnumber who searched google for pornography. Within a week after its launch in US, the game has also outgunned the record of Candy Crush Saga by becoming the most used smart device apps. Just as it happened, various domains has started adopting appropriate market strategies and real estate has also pulled out an interesting marketing strategy abroad. However, the game is yet to be launched in India.

Real estate agents abroad had begun to infuse the features and attractions of Pokemon Go for their ads to attract potential clients. As featured on the map in the game, agents added Pokestops and Pokegyms to their listings. These stores available in the game are helpful for gamers to access free in-game items to enhance their ‘Pokemon’ in the game. Real estate agents abroad have now implemented a sale pitch strategy by claiming the availability of Pokestops and Pokegyms hot spots nearby and has created buzz in social media. Interestingly, one of the drawbacks as per the user feed backs for the game is the lack of Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms in the less popular hinterlands.




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