Noida To Become The Biggest Ecotourism Hub Of Delhi NCR Soon

ecotourism hub noidaLack of greenery is something that has been a major issue since a very long time for Noida. Though the city is expanding very fast but the resident could not enjoy the greenery which is important. But now the tables have turned as government authorities are planning to inaugurate a massive ecotourism hub with a city forest, herbal gardens, bio-diversity parks and a wetland in Sector- 91Noida. It is expected that once it will be completed, it is going to be one of the largest park of Delhi NCR.

This park will be spread across 146 acre of space, expectedly it will be 1.5 times of Delhi’s Lodhi Garden, and indeed it will be largest green space in the city. The city forest will be spread over 35 acres, 24 acres of space will be covered with herbal garden, the overall 75 acres of bio-diversity Park will be completing more than 8,000 plantation.

Moreover, it is expected to be completed before monsoon or probably in the beginning of June, to ensure maximum groundwater recharge and hopefully you will be able to see over 15 bird spices in the area around winter this year. The herbal garden and the wetland will have several amphitheaters, walking paths, meditation centers, natural lakes and a few mini water bodies. All these add to the natural vibes of the place surely making it a great place to visit and relax yourself.

“The groundwater is running out at high speed and it is possible that Noida will soon have no water left if proper measures are not taken to recharge it. The conservation of this wetland and the adjacent green areas are essential and the much-needed step in the right direction by the Authority, said a resident of Sector 137.”

Residents of Sector 137 and other neighboring areas are happy, and environmental concerns in the area are becoming more important. Indeed it will be a big step towards reducing dust and pollution to live a better and a healthy life ahead.

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