Noida Authority initiates plan to recharge groundwater level

While worst drought situations are prevailing in several states of our country, Noida Authority has timely put forward a move to replenish the groundwater level of the city. The authority is planning a master plan to recharge its groundwater level effectively for the next 30 years to prevent a similar drought situation. In next week, authority will seek for a proposal for selecting a consultant for the project. After appointing the expert, the consultant will conduct a survey of the city before the proposal will be submitted.

save waterAccording to Deputy CEO of Noida Authority Saumya Srivastava, the consultant shall conduct an intensive survey to determine the crucial areas in the city and identify its groundwater levels. Consultant would also be determining the demand and supply of groundwater levels in the next 30 years. A detailed report for the same will be produced within six months.

The Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) has revealed that the groundwater level in Noida is under stress, adding that the city could face a serious water shortage in the future unless any solid measures to recharge the underground water are initiated. Since its inception, the land use in Noida was drastically changed mainly from agriculture to residential and industrial purposes. The urbanization of the city has also rapidly progressing which has been a cause for groundwater depletion, added CGWA.

The recommendations over the master plan shall be implemented after the detailed survey. The authority said that they will write to all government offices in Noida to state whether they are using water harvesting system in their buildings. If the offices are devoid of such a system, then Noida Authority shall offer water harvesting systems on a non-profit manner.

Project engineers have been assigned by Noida Authority to conduct a survey on Noida villages to identify intruded ponds so that it can be revamped as ideal catchment areas. Earlier, the NGT had prohibited developers in using groundwater for any sought of construction. Noida Authority is keeping a close look on this regard and is providing treated water to builders at low cost for construction purposes.

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