Nation proudly celebrates 67th Republic Day

The nation is gearing up for the auspicious occasion of its 67th Republic Day celebrations. The day will honor two major historic events of India. It was on 26th January 1950 that India became a republic. It was on the very same day that the Constitution of India was officially enforced, stating India as a sovereign, secular and democratic nation. In a lesser popular fact, it was on the very same day, 26th January 1965 that Hindi was officially declared as the official language of India.


On this historic day, if you look at the present India and compare with the past, we can find a lot of reasons to celebrate our Republic Day with utmost passion and integrity. A country which was once looted and left in turmoil has today risen like a phoenix from ashes. We are poised to be the fastest growing economies in the present year, outgunning developed rival countries like US and China. Today the globe recognizes India as a country where things are possible. We are the breeding ground of business of almost all domains. Today we have reached a status were everyone envy on our capabilities.

Spearheaded by massive developments, India is cruising towards a developed nation. Futuristic initiatives like Smart Cities, Heritage Cities and campaigns like Make In India and Skill India has facilitated a multiple ripple to the development prospects of our country. As the backbone sector of our economy, real estate also has gained significance and is widely mooted to boom the economy in the ongoing financial year.

So this Republic Day is special for us in every means. But along with taking a throwback to the past, let us also remember with pride, all the freedom fighters and army personnel who have sacrificed their lives for the nations. Along with it, let us also value and respect the contributions of our precious gems like APJ Abdul Kalam, who have echoed our country’s name across the globe on this Republic Day.

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