MoU signed between WTC Noida and CCPIT-Beijing

wtc noida ccpit beijing mouThe CCPIT or China Council for the Promotion of International Trade – Beijing Sub council, has enrolled itself into an agreement with WTC or World Trade Center Noida and VERBIND-its trade service arm.

In a press release, it was quoted that this agreement will provide CCPIT or WTC Beijing as the important partner of WTC Noida, WTC Chandigarh, WTC GIFT City and VERBIND in China with WTC Noida and VERBIND, similarly acting as their holistic associate in India.

During a trade session organized in New Delhi, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Khair Ull Nissa Sheikh, the executive director of WTC Noida and VERBIND and Li Luxia, vice chairperson of CCPIT and WTC Beijing.

The agreement signed at the meeting, also points at providing a stimulus to intra-BRICS financial commitment and to promote connectivity amongst members of the business association.

Khair Ull Nissa Sheikh, the executive director of WTC Noida and VERBIND, said that India intends to become the manufacturing destination. Also, the government of India is also attracting investors with its Make in India campaign, and with China being its biggest trading partner- WTC Noida and VERBIND will concentrate on facilitating and assisting Chinese companies who are willing to invest in India.

Due to the high growth of Chinese investments in India, the agreement will provide assistance and help with trade-related services to the companies to keep the momentum in a state of continuation and hence work towards cohesive expansion and analyze of the method of business and investment.

The vice chairperson of CCPIT and WTC Beijing, Luxia envisions for a hike in trade and investment connections through this agreement. According to her, the trade and economic cooperation will attain strength as this agreement will come out as a stepping stone for the two quickly developing nations of the world and building a wider stage for companies to associate, finance and cultivate new partnerships in India and China.

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