Madhyam’s memorable journey to Pattaya

As far as the Madhyamites are concerned this was the real festival of the year. The vibrant mood of the auspicious Diwali was soon transformed to a fun filled dream voyage, where the excitement was notched up to the sky. A trip to one of the sublime coastal cities of Bangkok can only be expected to push the wave of excitement and pleasure to unseen levels. When it is the dream Pattaya, the thrill is far beyond to be expressed in words.

From the day of the announcement of the trip, we were all thrilled and eagerly waiting for the day to commence. After all the excitement pumped sleepless nights, the day finally arrived and we whole heartedly geared up and rushed to the IGI Airport. It took quite a while for us from the Suvarnabhumi airport to reach the beautiful Pattaya city. The moment we stepped on the soil of the coastal city Pattaya, it murmured us that we are at the right place to have a brimming life. Pattaya is active throughout the year to have fun at its peak. From the dawn to dusk, Pattaya offers a lot for us to enjoy.

We were accommodated in the Suncity Hotel just a stone‘s throw away from the Central Beach Pattaya. Suncity Hotel offered a beautiful view of the beach.

Pattaya city beach

It’s the most crowded beach where people gather and spend their leisure time in Pattaya. The directors lead from front with all the energy and fun at its peak, showing us that they still possess the sparkling young blood.


On the next day we devoted to shopping. Shopping in Pattaya is a wonderful experience. Pattaya Floating Market is one of the major attractions, not only for shopping, but also for traditional shows and activities. It also showcases wooden sculptures, textiles, sailing boat models, Thai silk and many more. It was certainly a delightful experience for us.

Pattaya Floating Market

Team Madhyam also visited the Ripley’s Believe it or not museum in Pattaya. Witnessing one of the renowned franchises, which has a worldwide reputation for its show was a unique experience. The unbelievable collection of the weirdest entities here dropped our jaws with a mixture of emotions.


Walking around the streets is the common way to feel the Pattaya in whole. Walking street is one such pinnacle destiny to look out for pirated handicrafts, dressing apparels, innumerable hand made goods and wonderful Thai fabrics. After having a satisfactory shopping here, Madhyam was all set for theme party at Tunnel Club.

theme party


Stepping onto the Tunnel Club was a dream experience for us. It has a large stage, energized by the music’s and EDM’s. The hotel bulges our eyes with its large red carpets, elegant chandeliers to imbibe the party vibe at its best. With joy at its crust, Madhyam also announced many futuristic events that will place us further in the top among real estate arena.


The stage also heard the proclamation from honorable directors of Madhyam to extend its immense expertise by 500 employees in immediate future by opening 12 new offices in 12 new cities in India and 5 new offices abroad. Madhyam also unveiled their new project Vertical at the Tunnel Club. The occasion also witnessed the honorable CMD Mr Anuj Dang performing the cake cutting ceremony on the successful 10 year journey of Madhyam. By the time cheer erupted like a wine bottle for us.



Being a coastal city, Pattaya is known for its cruising rides in ocean. So without experiencing the pulse of sea, the experience of Pattaya is incomplete. The next day we took an adventurous speed boat ride to the coral island which was a great feel for us.


While the exploration of the beautiful sea, we also performed parasailing and underwater sea walk, which is something to cherish for a life time.


With the delicious Indian dinner with yummy recipes, we concluded the bon voyage to Pattaya city. Pattaya has hosted one of the special lifetime memories for Madhyamites. Hopefully, Madhyam will shine brighter more and more and in the next year and we are flying to the land of Proteas, South Africa in the next episode.

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