Keep your home warm in this winter

Winter has officially arrived in North India. The streets have already filled with mufflers, sweaters and jackets to brave the cold. Along with covering yourself, your home also needs to be properly insulated to stay warm and comfortable in this winter. Following are some cost-effective useful tips to apply for your home to keep you warm in this winter.

The windows and doors are ideal to be accompanied by curtains in winter made up of thick anti-cold materials like wool. In the evenings, draw these curtains down to block the cold breeze entering your room. In the morning when the sun is up, you can open these curtains to allow the sunshine to enter your home. Despite of the weather outside, sunshine will always warm up your home. After a while close your doors as this will allow the heat to be trapped inside your home as evening approaches.

warm home

The next main thing is to wrap up the floor. Although you wear socks, laying carpets and cushions will be also useful in resisting the cold. Along with bare floors, bare walls will also generate cold. You can hang paintings and posters in the walls to nullify this. This will not only decorate your interiors, but also act as insulators and provide warmth. You are advised to check your doors and windows thoroughly, which you might have done by now. In case not, check for any minute cracks and leaks and seal it as soon as possible.

Getting into your bed will be a nightmare if you are still using the cotton sheets which were ideal in the summer. Replace these sheets by thick woolen or velvet blankets. Buy yourself a ‘razai’ which will be perfect to warm you up while sleeping. If you have a fireplace you are lucky enough in winter. But make sure that heat is not lost up via chimney. You can also consider reversing your ceiling fan in this winter. The reversed ceiling fan will be swinging clockwise and this will push the heat down to your room. This works better if you have high or sloped ceilings. Enact all these methods and keep yourself warm in this winter.

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