Keep mysteries away and honor our Netaji

Subhas Chandra Bose was a testimonial of defiant patriotism. His unique blend of traits like bravery, courage and patriotic zeal has enabled him to stay as a hero in the minds of millions of people forever. He belonged to the extremist portfolio and was not familiar or aligned towards the non-cooperative movement; in fact his modus operandi was different. Being extreme in nature, he founded the Indian National Army (INA) to overthrow the British Empire. His attempt to rid the British by joining the forces Nazi, Germany and Japan gained him a timeless troubled stardom. Even then, he was undoubtedly a legend, way above the social constraints like religion, caste and politics. He is popularly called as ‘Netaji’ (Respected Leader).

However, the uncertainties and mysteries related to legendary Netaji occupy frequently in the media. The files related to Netaji will be starting to be revealed from today on the auspicious occasion of his 119th birth anniversary. The long pending questions about his sudden mysterious disappearance around seven decades back are widely expected to be cleared. The demand to reveal the secret files about Netaji gathered momentum when the West Bengal government declassified some information last year.

netaji subhash chandra bose

As the nation gears up to celebrate the birth anniversary of Netaji, we hope to unwind all the mysteries related to this legend that he will be relieved from the injustice done by history. On the occasion of his birth anniversary, Netaji is still hooked with controversies. In a later, a British website has claimed that Subhas Chandra Bose was cremated in Taihoku, which has also strengthened the possibility that the revolutionary leader had died in a plane crash.

Amid of the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary, we can’t expect the serialized revelations to stop doing postmortem to this legends’ past. But on January 23, we have a day to leave aside all this and to hold on to the thoughts and values of our Netaji and to say with pride and patriotism, that we are living in a soil, imbibing every breath of freedom, which was once fearlessly gained by his sweat and efforts. Let us cherish it with utmost patriotism and prayers to the legendary Subhas Chandra Bose!

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