India’s first Pod Taxi services to unroll from Gurgaon

pod taxi in gurgaonMillennium city Gurgaon (recently re-christened as Gurugram) has been one of the important real estate markets in Delhi-NCR. The 15 percent circle rate dip was the recent highlight in the real estate sector of the city. As the ripples and evaluations are still to be settled down, Gurugram has once again gained its attention by becoming the first city to host the Pod taxi services in India. The works of Rs 850 Crore project is scheduled to commence from July end. The development can be touted to be further lubricating the traffic agonies in the city. A transport ministry official had informed media that they have received four bids, including two foreign firms for undertaking the project. After discussion and further scrutiny, a formal decision will be taken by the authorities. Here are the major features of the project:

  • A personal rapid transit network with small automated vehicles operating at regular intervals.
  • The driverless pods will run on electricity, anchored to a ropeway system.
  • The Pod taxi service will commence from Gurugram (Gurgaon) to Delhi.
  • A total number of 16 stations are expected to be constructed with docking stations.
  • Each pod shall have the capacity to accumulate upto 5 passengers.
  • The service will begin its operations nearby Ambience Mall.
  • The Pod taxis will run at an average speed of 60 km per hour.
  • Desired clients can hire an entire Pod taxi to travel to their destination without any stops in between.

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