HUDA to spend Rs 700 Crore to develop Central Peripheral Road

Central Peripheral RoadHaryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) have announced Rs 700 Crore package to purchase more than 100 acre land for the construction of Central Peripheral Road (CPR). The 3.32 km road link will connect the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) with the Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) also known as Dwarka Expressway. The development is touted to significantly reduce the traffic load over the NH-8 stretch passing through Gurgaon and is also expected to boost the real estate sector of New Gurgaon.

CPR will be starting from Harsaru Village nearby the intersection of Pataudi Road & NPR and passes almost parallel to Dwarka Expressway (NPR) and culminates in Kherki Daula, where it merges with the intersection of NH-8 and Southern Peripheral Road. HUDA will be purchasing land parcels from Garhi Harsuru, Sinhi, Narsingpur and Mohammadpur Jharsa for developing the project. The total cost of accruing land will be Rs 700 Crores and the cost of construction is primarily estimated at Rs 22.80 Crore.

CPR will be reducing the traffic worries on NH-8, especially over the Kherki Daula, where the vehicles coming from Delhi through Dwarka Expressway can pass through to SPR without accessing NH-8. Presently, all vehicles that pass through Gurgaon are forced to enter NH-8 which has been leading to traffic jams. In the wake of the severe traffic deadlocks in the ongoing monsoon, CPR will be a notable solution for the traffic worries of the city.

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