How to identify an ideal real estate consultant?

In one of the most interesting and unaware fact for most of the people is that the real estate sector holds the position of second largest job provider in India. The employment offered by the realty arena comes mainly in the form of real estate consultants. This ranges from a domestic real estate agent who does small scale realty dealings to mammoth real estate firms who undertake multi crore real estate projects. We undergo constant real estate transactions in our life as part of business and personal development.

And while undertaking such a profitable real estate business, though risky as it is in its nature, we often use a real estate agent which plays a key role in its transactions. These guys should expertise and can well assist you in realty ventures like sale, purchase, lease, sublease, port folio management, lease management, negotiation and so on.

Amidst the realty boom, the back bone sector of India is also a haven of fraud malpractices. Since realty transactions is much better with real estate agents, it’s also important to choose ideal real estate agents. What are the characteristics of an ideal real estate agent?

real estate consultant

Substantial knowledge – The realty arena has become mature that now that specialized services has emerged like residential, commercial, industrial and retail. So an ideal real estate consultant should have good knowledge in these different sectors to prove worth to the client.

The saver – In the present world, a buyer or seller has a vast option of realty dealers to confront with. Here an ideal agent will save you from the confusion and should guide you to choose the ideal client. For this the above mentioned knowledge factor will also work.

Exposure – An ideal professional realty agent is the one who has a good circle of potential clients. These include corporates, NRI’s and many Multi National Companies (MNC) which will enable you to get into a good deal. So identify the agents circle. If you want to lease your property, say through an ideal dealer it reaches to a Multi National Company. These MNC’s hold more preferable chances for a longer leasing of the property than any ordinary firm which will always benefit you. If you want to sell the property too, these MNC’s don’t stand to negotiate much because once they have chosen an ideal location, money doesn’t matters for them. All this will happen with a real estate agent with ideal exposure.

Proper Guidance and Transparency – An ideal real estate agent should guide you to fulfill your requirements. If the client wants a property with ‘X’ features, the realty agent is supposed to provide properties with the same features, rather than misleading the client. This happens when the agent wants to benefit himself by dumping his client’s interest in order to gain his own profit. So an ideal realty agent should always guide you properly without misleading.

Starting from the negotiation to the final property documentation, the deal should also be fully transparent so that the primary benefit goes to the client. This paves way to the client’s faith in the agent and it will be good for the future perspectives. Both guidance and transparency are much required for a successful real estate transaction.

Legal Parameters – Not necessary, but though an ideal realty agent should posses the legal side of every transactions so as he/she can guide you safely through your deal without any chances of intervention of law. And in case the real estate agent is not aware of the lawsuits oneself, he/she should have a good network of legal professionals to suggest for the client.

Good Planner – Each realty transactions require an ideal plan to be implemented. Good Real Estate Consultants should know the ideal plan to be implemented for a realty transaction. Some may require advertisement others may require auction. He/she should also choose wisely factors like asset familiarization, asset benchmarking, market analysis and ideal way of marketing according to the property involved in the transaction.

So it requires an all round performance to be crowned as an ideal real estate agent. It’s your property and plays it well with the support of an ideal real estate agent with all the above mentioned characteristics to taste the success.

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