How area of your apartment is calculated?

The price of your apartment or flat is mainly determined on the basis of area. We are generally aware of the classification of 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK apartments with respective sizes mentioned mostly in square feet. However, home buying involves certain sub categories that defines the whole size of your home. A flat consists of both saleable area and usable area. While you are engaging in home buying, you must know some of the terms that are used to calculate the area of the apartments so that you won’t become clueless when the builder or broker throws them on you.


Carpet Area

It is easy to memorize as carpet area simply explains as the area where we can lay our carpet. This area excludes the thickness of inner walls and is measured wall to wall, or else it exactly defines the usable area of the flat. This includes the living rooms, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, stores, balconies etc. Some builders also include half the area of terrace under the carpet area. Common areas like lift, lobbies, stairs does not fall under the carpet area.

Built-Up Area

Built-up area is the total area of the apartment. This sums up the carpet area and the thickness of the internal walls, columns etc. The area constituting the walls are typically calculated around 10 to 20 percent of the carpet area. Built-up area is also known as plinth area and the term is of less importance as majority of the builders offers flats under super built up area. If the builder is offering a flat with built-up area 1000 sq ft, you need to know that around 20 percent of area of the flat is actually not usable.

Super Built Up Area

Super built up area is the sum of built up area and the common areas provisioned for the project. The common areas includes the floor area used for lifts, staircases, corridors and areas like entrance lobby, electrical room, pump room etc. All the common amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, gardens fall under the roof of super built up area. However, parking space is excluded and charged separately from buyers. In some occasions, the term super built up area is also known as usable area, super area or saleable area.

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