Haryana hikes FAR for residential plots

Haryana Government has decided to allow land or plot owners to increase their ground coverage and purchase additional FAR. The urban spaces in Gurgaon and Faridabad will now consume more space and become taller and congested. The purchasable FAR would be applicable for licensed colonies and HUDA sectors. The government expects to collect ample revenue through the due process and the generated amount shall go to the municipal corporations or HUDA.

floor area ratioThe newly approved FAR ratio by the government is in the range of 0.35 to 0.80 depending on the plot size. Owners of large residential plots and also those who have converted land for residential purpose according to rules are also allowed to increase the ground coverage. If the FAR for a plot was 1.65 and it has been increased to 2, it implies that for a 100 metre plot, the owner who was allowed to built upto 165 sq m, can now extend upto 200 sq m. The announcement was made in the new policy enacted by the Department of Town and Country Planning.

The authorities are justified by the revision as land has become scare and costly. The increased FAR can result in construction to have more vertical growth. Officials also opinioned that the objective is to make an intensive utilization of urban spaces and to preserve the agriculture land in the state. They also added that the acquisition of farmlands has been strained because of high rates of consumption.

Floor Area Ratio (FAR) essentially marks the limit imposed on the construction in a plot or region. The process controls the volume of constructions in a region in order to make it par with the estimated master plan of the region. FAR perimeters vary in different states and according to the rules and regulations of the ruling authority.

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